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Digital transformation is an integrated strategy that facilitates a lot for us, and we invest in modern technology and the extensive experience that we possess to launch the first platform and application in the world specializing in surveying and engineering work. It holds the international ISO certificate in the quality management system and the international ISO certificate in the information security system and owns intellectual property from the Saudi Authority. For intellectual property, Meter will contribute to raising the efficiency of completion to accelerate the pace of completion of residential and commercial projects. Thus, Meter will have combined surveying and engineering services and related services. Meter has adopted the transformation of surveying and engineering transactions from traditional methods to easy and contemporary technical methods for digital development in addition to The pioneering technical and industrial services that Meter will provide to the public and private sectors are of high quality and Saudi production. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also one of the first countries to keep pace with technology and develop possible plans and strategies for the financial and business sector. As Meter embodies the pioneering spirit of the Kingdom in this field, by providing a wide range of engineering and surveying services with the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Clients can rely on it as a strategic partner to achieve their goals and engineering and surveying services with confidence and safety. It is the leading portal for engineering and surveying development in the Arab world, as it combines quality and innovation in customer service and achieving an advanced future vision.  


We aim for the Meter platform and application to be supported by the secretariats of the Kingdom’s regions and relevant bodies to facilitate citizens’ and beneficiaries’ access to Meter services for its multiple purposes, especially in areas that may lack the presence of engineering offices that meet their needs, without trouble and effort. We also aim to establish new branches in all the countries of the Cooperation Council, the Levant, Europe, and African countries, to meet local and global needs, as the majority of countries need to develop and digitize engineering and surveying data for lands and real estate, and Meter’s role will be important in achieving these goals, and we will also work to establish the first A Saudi factory for manufacturing surveying and engineering gems and creating technical engineering programs with new and innovative international specifications, to be the largest Saudi brand for everything related to engineering, surveying and design.


Our values revolve around partnership, serving as our moral guide in all endeavors. We cultivate professional relationships grounded in honesty and robust business ethics, aiming to secure the sustainable success of our clients.


Providing surveying, engineering, and design office services to review construction and approve plans of all kinds in a fast and innovative digital manner, helping beneficiaries access surveying and engineering services without trouble or effort. Developing the surveying and engineering sector into a technical sector supported by artificial intelligence, providing a global electronic market specialized in surveying and engineering devices and their accessories. Fast and innovative access from surveying and engineering offices to present their quotations to beneficiaries

Our Vision ــــ

Our vision for the Meter platform and application is to provide innovative surveying and engineering solutions through modern technologies and artificial intelligence, as Meter is a digital platform that combines surveying and engineering services and their accessories. Experience and a comprehensive strategy enable us to achieve an advanced vision that contributes to the advancement of the engineering and surveying sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to meet the aspirations of the vision of His Highness, Sir the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God Almighty protect him, 2030.


The Meter platform and application will facilitate obtaining services in a simple and accessible way for all parties, starting from surveying reports and sorting real estate units for the real estate developer, through matching the land deed to the buyer, as well as sorting and merging land plots, building permits, municipal certificates and government approvals, in addition to consulting, design work, display and sale. Engineering surveying devices, as the volume of this work is rapidly growing in all regions of the Kingdom. Through the Meter platform, we will meet everyone’s needs, keeping pace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision within the digital transformation program


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